Y5 Personal Tracker

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GPS personal tracker with SOS button

Price includes 12 months unlimited global usage across 173 countries (price is shown with VAT included, shipping calculated at checkout).
No additional charges or hidden fees.

Special offer for limited time: purchase and activate your product before 15.9.2022 and get an extra 6 months free on top of your 12 months for a total of 18 months.

A small personal GPS tracker that is perfect for tracking your family and loved ones when at home or travelling or a convenient security device important business people. Light weight and small in size, this human locator can easily be placed in your pocket, backpack or suitcase for example. Comes with built-in battery and network connectivity making it a trouble free security device to take anywhere.

Simultaneously tracks using a combination of 3 different tracking technologies, meaning Tramigo Y5 personal tracker always provides you with reliable positioning even in most remote places where there is no satellite coverage available

Tramigo Y5 Key Features Include

Powerful Indoor and Outdoor Positioning:

Powerful combination of GSM, WiFi (WPS: Wi-Fi Positioning System) and GPS positioning for more reliable results. 3G is crucial in crowded mega-city centers, while 2G provides coverage in remote, and isolated locations. Tramigo Y5 utilises also GSM positioning to ensure locating your loved ones in complex environments. WPS positioning offered in partnership with Google is the perfect solution for urban areas where GPS signals do not penetrate buildings effectively.

Depending on your location your positioning may be obstructed by buildings or hamepred by network conditions. Tramigo Y5 personal tracker offers you, for the first time indoor and outdoor positioning in the same product. Works perfectly in the densely populated urban jungles, from shopping malls to airports and even in subways.

GSM networks will always give you only the broadest match on your location. Once triangulated by GPS satellites your position will be accurate with 2 meters. Wifi allows tracking and locating even indoors in cases where buildings otherwise prevent tracking. Tramigo is partnering with Google who offers the widest WPS support globally.

SOS button for emergencies

This car-key shaped design goes unnoticed and proves security when you need it the most. In cases of emergency or important events, the device has a smart SOS button, which user activates by pressing it 3 times

Track location with the easy-To-Use Tramigo Y5 App

Download the Tramigo Y5 App to track conveniently using your smartphone. The Tramigo Y5 personal tracker app is available for free from Apple's App Store for iOS devices and from Google Play store for Android devices. One smartphone can track several devices and you can pair one device with several phones.

Pricing includes built-in global connectivity across 173 countries.
Your personal tracker works out-of-the box in 173 countries globally.See list of covered countries below. You can add more months by purchasing data packages. Tramigo offers global data packages with one flat rate of 9.90€ per month. You can buy a data packages according to what is best suited for your needs, whether the need is related to a short trip or you prefer big discounts when you add 12 months of global use at once.

Plug and Play set up:

Download the Tramigo Y5 mobile App from the IOS or Android store. Register and link your Tramigo Y5 personal tracker using your smartphone in minutes, charge your device battery and you are ready to start tracking.

Sales package contents:

  • 1x Tramigo Y5
  • 1x micro USB charging cable
  • 1x quick guide
  • 1x QR code for pairing
  • Package dimensions: length 121 mm, width 121 mm, thickness 50mm, weight 155 g


GPS Keychain Tracker Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 74 mm (+keyring ~10mm), width 41 mm, thickness 16 mm, weight 48g
  • Package dimensions: length 121 mm, width121mm, thickness, 50 mm, weight 55g
  • Battery: 450 mAh Li-ion, weight: 9,2g
  • Battery life With average use: 1-2 days. Up to several weeks depending on settings.
  • Coverage: Tramigo eSim is available all over the world, in 173 countries.
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Cellular communication: Quad band 3G (WCDMA850, 900, 1900, 2100) + Quad Band GSM/GPRS
  • Satellite reception: GPS/Glonass module with A-GPS support
  • Positioning methods: GPS, 3G/GSM Cell ID, Wi-Fi
  • SIM: Surface mounted eSIM component (MFF2 size standard), not changeable by user
  • Additional features: Configurable SOS button, RGB LED indicator, buzzer
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Sales package contents:
1x Tramigo Y5, 1x micro USB charging cable, 1x quick guide, 1x QR code for pairing
Built-in cellular:
Surface mounted eSIM component (MFF2 size standard), not changeable by user. Quad band 3G (WCDMA850, 900, 1900, 2100) + Quad Band GSM/GPRS
Device dimensions: 74 mm (+keyring ~10mm), width 41 mm, thickness 16 mm, weight 48g. Package dimensions: length 121 mm, width121mm, thickness, 50 mm, weight 55g
450 mAh Li-ion, weight: 9,2g. Battery life with 1-2 days average use. Up to several weeks depending on settings.
Satellite and positioning:
Satellite reception: GPS/Glonass module with A-GPS support. Positioning methods: GPS, 3G/GSM Cell ID, Wi-Fi
Additional features:
Configurable SOS button, RGB LED indicator, buzzer

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