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The best GPS tracker for a car or a car trailer - Tramigo Asset Tracker

The Tramigo Asset Tracker is one of the best GPS locators available. The Tramigo Asset tracker is suitable for a car, trailer, motorcycle, work machine, boat or even an ATV. Asset Tracker The operating range of the GPS locator is virtually limitless, so you can track your vehicle or goods from anywhere in the world. In this article, I will share my own experiences with Asset Tracker.

Many motorists, work machine owners, boat owners, or anyone who owns anything valuable are wondering how to protect their property. You can of course always use locks for things like tools or a trailers, making them more difficult to steal. A lock is always a worthwhile purchase, but the Tramigo Asset Tracker GPS locator will help you find your lost or stolen property.

The Tramigo Asset Tracker is a powerful GPS-tracker with a wide range of features

The Tramigo Asset Tracker is a powerful GPS-tracker with a wide range of features

It can be said that this GPS tracker is different from others in the market, as this device has more extensive features than usual. I would describe the Asset Tracker as a professional GPS locator that is still easy to use. The same device has thus been able to combine a wide range of different functions and an easy user experience.

This article introduces the Tramigo Asset Tracker and explains why that device is an excellent GPS tracker. Locating machines, cars, boats, ATVs, tractors, trailers and all the other equipment is really easy with good equipment, and here’s one of the best!

How does the Tramigo Asset Tracker work?

The Tramigo Asset Tracker works in the same way as other GPS locators, but the features are much broader than in most other available trackers. In addition, Asset Tracker has no hidden costs or surcharges, as with some GPS locators. So all the features are available for one fee. 

Asset Tracker's operation is based on the GPS satellite network. The device communicates with GPS satellites to determine its location. The locator also operates outside Finland in 194 countries, so you can also track your property abroad.

The Tramigo Asset Tracker also works abroad, so you will be able to locate your property even from a great distance

What features are available on the Asset Tracker?

The Asset Tracker has a wide range of features that make it suitable for a wide range of use cases. The device is water-resistant, so it can be used, for example, to locate a boat. The Tramigo GPS locator is also small and compact, making it unobtrusive and easy to hide in a work machine or car.

One of the coolest features of Asset Tracker is the really long battery life. The device battery can last up to a year if the positioning interval is set to once a day. Wireless charging makes it easy to charge your GPS, so there's no need to bend over with a USB cable.

The Asset Tracker's position reporting interval can be adjusted to extend battery life.

In addition to location tracking, the device has a motion sensor that allows the Asset Tracker to detect even small movements. Even if the locator does not move on the map, the phone will alert you that the device has moved a few centimeters. The Tramigo Asset Tracker is so accurate that it can give an alarm even when it is attached to the door and the door is opened

Perhaps the most surprising feature of the Asset Tracker is the temperature sensor. You can set certain temperature limits above or below which the locator sends a notification to your phone. Not many GPS locators have that feature, so it's an interesting feature. This allows Asset Tracker to be used to track refrigerated transport, for example.

The Tramigo Asset Tracker is ideal for tracking heavy machinery and trailers for example. The Asset Tracker will locate your property even if its taken abroad

The GEO fencing allows you to set areas where the GPS locator should not go. If the tracker ends up in an area that is defined as a restricted area, your phone will be notified. The route taken by the GPS locator is saved in the Tramigo phone application, so you can view the route taken by the tracker afterwards.

The best feature of the Tramigo Asset Tracker is probably that there are no additional charges or other surcharges on the device. Once you have purchased the device and licensed it, you do not have to pay extra for the features, everything comes in the same package.

Tramigo Asset Tracker features:

  • Battery life: One year depending on usage
  • Charging method: Wireless charging
  • Positioning range: Unlimited
  • Water resistance: IP67 rating
  • Geofence feature: Set the locator to alert you if your device leaves an area
  • Alarm function: The device will start to alarm if it is moved
  • SIM card: Built-in eSIM card
  • Temperature sensor: You can set an alarm when the temperature rises or falls

How to use the Tramigo Asset Tracker?

The first step in setting up your device is to download the Tramigo phone app. All Tramigo devices work with the same application, and you can connect multiple devices to the application at the same time. For example, you can use the Tramigo OBD Reader and Asset Tracker at the same time with the app.

You can download the Tramigo app from the links below.

After downloading and installing the app, select “Add” to add a new device to the app. A view opens in the phone application asking you to fill in the device information in the text fields. IQL-AT must be selected as the device type. The application will ask for the IMEI code of the Asset Tracker, which can be found on the bottom of the device. Fill in the IMEI code in the application, and add the device. Asset Tracker is then ready for use.

Adding a new device to the TramigoApp tracker is easy using the large visible "+" icon at the bottom of the screen

You can add a new device from the big + icon at the bottom of the app. All Tramigo devices are conveniently displayed in the same application.

It takes about 4-5 hours to charge the Asset Tracker's battery, so it's a good idea to charge the device before using it. With a full battery, it’s more comfortable exploring different features and learning how to use the tracker.

The device may not appear on the map for the first few minutes, so it's a good idea to take a distance from the Asset Tracker and give the device a few minutes. When I turned on the device myself, I took a distance of about 10 meters to the Asset Tracker, and then the device appeared on the map of the app. Since then, the device has shown the location of my car really accurately.

The default setting for Asset Tracker is that when it is present, the device reports its location every 120 minutes, that is, 12 times a day. As it moves, the device reports its location every 10 minutes. However, the settings can be easily adjusted using the application.

The wireless charging is very handy and with optimal settings the battery lasts for a year

The device does not require any additional SIM card, as the Asset Tracker has a built-in eSIM. I think the feature is great because the owner of Asset Tracker doesn’t have to spend time getting a third-party SIM card or subscription. Many other manufacturers' GPS locators do not have a built-in SIM feature.

So the GPS locator is easy to set up. The device is easy to charge and the tracker does not have to be complicated to install. It is sufficient that the Asset Tracker is fully loaded, connected to the application and the locator is attached to the traceable property.

The Tramigo Asset Tracker shows location accurately

Asset Tracker Use Cases - you are only limited by your imagination

The uses of Asset Tracker are virtually limitless because the device has so many features. Accurate GPS positioning, motion detection, long battery life, temperature sensor and many other features offer so many different options that it would be impossible to list all uses. However, below are a few purposes that came to my mind.

Asset Tracker applications

  • Car location
  • Boat positioning
  • Cold cargo tracking
  • Positioning of implements and tools
  • Moped or motorcycle tracking
  • Locating an electric bike or kickboard
  • ATV tracking
  • Protection of hobby equipment against theft
  • Whatever you come up with

Asset Tracker is ideal for traditional GPS tracking, ie locating a car, boat or other vehicles. However, you can also use the locator to locate other things, such as tools. Unfortunately, tools are often lost on the way to thieves, so Tramigo’s GPS tracker can help locate stolen property.

The Tramigo Asset Tracker is also very easy to place in a car since in every vehicle there are always numerous suitable locations for a small GPS tracker

Trailers are also often lost due to theft. The Asset Tracker can be attached to the bottom of the cart or other location where it is difficult to spot by means of a magnet or some other means. Traces of stolen or lost property are therefore easily accessible.

The GPS locator is an affordable insurance for many valuable items. The tracker allows you to track down lost items yourself or provide the authorities with the information they need to recover stolen property.

Where can I get Asset Tracker?

Asset Tracker is available from the Tramigo online store. (note: this web site :-))

The device costs 169 euros, and the price includes a one-year license for the device. The price is therefore right, as there are no additional costs for using the device. Many GPS locators purchased from Aliexpress or Amazon come with a wide variety of additional costs, but the Tramigo tracker works with the single purchase payment.

The Tramigo Asset Tracker sales package contains everything you need. A wireless charging pad, user manual, velcro and magnetic accessories for attachment and of course the tracker itself

So if you need a reliable GPS tracker with a wide range of features, then check out Tramigo Asset Tracker. You can read more about the locator on the Tramigo website. They have a comprehensive list of all the features. Asset Tracker and its features You should also check out Tramigo's other products, such as the OBD Premium DTC Reader. Tramigo also has several solutions for businesses. With the T23 Fleet Security, you can track many trucks or other transport vehicles at the same time.

I have also tested the OBD Premium DTC reader before and the OBD device proved to be as high quality as the Asset Tracker. You can read more about the experiences in a previous article I wrote in 2021. The Tramigo OBD reader can warn you of catalysator theft, for example.

Also read: How can an OBD reader be used to prevent catalysator theft? (note the link is to the original article which is in finnish).

Tramigo Asset Tracker experiences and summary

After about a month of use, I can say that the Asset Tracker is an excellent GPS locator for many purposes. So far, I have mostly used the machine in a car and a trailer, as I do not currently have any larger work machines.

However, my intention is to use a GPS tracker to track easily stolen but valuable items in the future. Acquiring an electric bike may soon become topical, so Asset Tracker would be great for tracking it. The locator is small enough to be hidden under, for example, the Taraka of an Electric Bicycle or the battery.

The Tramigo Asset Tracker is IPV-67 waterproof so getting it wet will not impede its functioning

The fact that the device is water resistant is a huge plus, as it allows the Asset Tracker to be used even in slightly more challenging conditions. Thus, the tracker can be attached to the exterior or bottom of the vehicle, and wetting does not interfere with the operation of the locator. Thanks to its IP67 water resistance, the locator can also be used on a boat or jet ski.

Boats and trailer theft is unfortunately common, as they are a relatively valuable asset but easy to carry away. The unobtrusive and durable GPS locator is therefore an excellent tool for protecting boats and carts.

Overall, my experience with Tramigo Asset Tracker is very positive. Wireless charging works quickly and the battery lasts a really long time. The device is easy to use and can be attached almost anywhere. The sensitive motion sensor detects even smaller movements.

Asset Tracker plus sides

  • Long battery life
  • Water resistant
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Sensitive motion sensor
  • Accurate GPS tracking
  • Easy to use
  • Built-in eSIM 

The Tramigo phone app is also easy to use, and all devices work in the same app. The OBD reader and Asset Tracker are conveniently located side by side on the home screen. The built-in eSIM is a handy invention because with an extra SIM card there is no need to bend over. Asset Tracker is built purely for what it is intended for, namely the accurate tracking of goods.

So I can definitely recommend Asset Tracker to anyone who wants to increase the security of their property or track their vehicle for some other reason. The Tramigo GPS locator has so many different features that the possibilities for use are practically limitless.

Safe driving and working!

Remember to take care of your vehicle as well as other property.

Check out the GPS locator on the Tramigo website: Tramigo Asset Tracker

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